Shure Songwriting Award – Please Vote!


I entered a really cool songwriting contest, where the winner is offered a spot in a 9-month professional songwriting course in London, ENGLAND – tuition free!

(Did you catch that? L O N D O N!)

The contest is called the Shure Songwriting Award, and all it takes to vote for me is a few clicks and an email address.

  1. Click here to visit 
  2. See the person on the far right with a TV for a head? Click on her shins to view the entries.
  3. My video is on the 6th page of videos in the bottom right corner, “I Wonder.”
  4. Select my video, enter your email address, and vote! It’s that simple.

Then tell your friends! Tell your neighbors! Tell everyone you meet!

Re-blog it, Re-tweet it….

Your votes can advance me to the next round, where the final decision will be made by an artist named Paloma Faith. Voting extends through April 23rd, and final decisions will be made sometime in May.

Vote for me? I will love you forever and always. : )

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