On Time

Amidst all the music, I’ve mostly spent the last few weeks catching up with old friends and hitting the old hot spots. I can’t think of any better way to spend a tour than spending it with friends, and I’m telling you, I’ve got some of the best friends in the world.

We’re talking lifelong friends, the ones I’ve known since I was 5, or 15. Friends who really know me, and the ones I haven’t seen in 8 years but having coffee with them is like, so normal. These are the friends I will call when I get married. These are the ones who I KNOW will be my friends forever.

I have enjoyed this time. In fact, the best part about these last 6 months has been TIME. Time to be with family, time to be with friends, time to be with God, time to be by myself. I am a person who needs time, and space, to just be. I don’t like being rushed, I hate not having time to just sit, to stop and enjoy the coffee and the company. And the one thing I will miss most about leaving this season of life is time.

I will have to move on, get settled, take root, work again. I will probably need to make new friends, those who only know the me I am today. But I will always have the lifelong friends, and I will always have the time we spent together at childhood birthday parties, high school speech meets, college lecture halls, manicure appointments, and that extended vacay I took in 2010 to visit them back “home.”

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