Story, Part ‘Follow Up’

A few months ago, I took a few blog posts to explain where I’ve been, and the potential for where I’m going.

I noted that everybody and everything is point to ‘story’ these days – and honestly? I dig that. Living a good story is a great and honorable goal. Yet it’s been somewhat of a stressor for me, this idea that my story has to be good. I mean yes, of course I want it to be good – but can I make it good? And what if it’s not as good as yours? Does that mean I’m not as good as you?

Sidebar, I think I will start walking around with the following nametag:

Hello, my name is over-analyst.

Even yesterday in church, the speaker was talking about trusting God, and he placed the idea of trust within the context of the script we are writing – and the one we expected God to write for us. Sometimes trust is difficult because the story doesn’t go the way we plan, or the way we thought God would direct us.

But he said something that brought into focus everything uncertain I’ve felt about my story and the desires for my life. He said, in essence, “Don’t put your trust in the story you are living; put your trust in the one who is writing your story.”

And honestly? I dig that even more.

For me, living a good story means trusting that somehow, in some way, God knows what he’s doing with my life far better than I could ever imagine. Living a good story means trusting him to make it good. Living a good story means it’s not only up to ME.

And that is such. a. relief.

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