So Should Living

It bears noting that at one point in my life I said I wanted to try to blog every day for a year. And then I didn’t do it.

I ‘didn’t do it’ so much that the anniversary date of said “365” experiment came and went without so much as a mention. Because really, writing about not writing? Sort of unnecessary.

But I say it bears noting because I want you to know, and believe you me I do want you to know, that I did not merely forget my bold proclamation. Nor did I forget that I swiftly threw my commitment overboard like the sailors did with Jonah.

Sometimes commitments (like poor old Jonah) are simply in the wrong.

And I don’t want to write out of obligation.

Furthermore, when it comes to passions and things I love, or spending time and energy on pursuing either, I don’t want to live these things out of obligation either.

Because writing should be writ for the love of doing so.

And so should living.

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