A Skittles Related Conspiracy

I’ve been doing a bit of research lately.

It all started with a movie-going experience gone awry, when my quest for a pack of sour watermelon gummies led to a disappointing end in a box of skittles. But be ye not worried, because tastebuds are tricky little creatures, and I’m pretty sure they just start craving what you give them.

(Let that be a philosophical lesson for us all.)

Needless to say I’ve been on a skittles kick for about a month now, and in my late afternoon boredom snacking I’ve started to notice that there is an alarmingly low rate of red skittles in a package.

And because I’m nothing if not analytical, I wondered to myself (while eating a bag of skittles) whether my perception of the limited number of red skittles was only because I was looking for red skittles. And really, if I were a green or yellow or purple fan (but let’s face it, who is?) would it seem like there were too few of any color when compared to all the other colors combined?

I suppose I could have counted the number of various colored skittles in the bag, but I was at work, people. A person has limits.

As luck would have it, I happened to purchase some “mini” bags of skittles for my afternoon snack break, because, let’s face it, nobody should be eating a regular sized bag of skittles every day. And because the mini bags are so tiny, I actually WAS able to count the numbers of each color of skittle (all stealth and ninja like – in my head – so nobody would know I was counting skittles instead of money). And it turns out, there really IS an alarmingly low rate of red skittles in a bag.

And I think it begs the question: Do they KNOW I only want the red skittles? Do they limit the supply of red skittles in each bag so the demand will be higher? Is this part of an elaborate scheme to increase addiction and simultaneously boost sales?

You tell me.

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