Este es a Latina (I Don’t Speak Spanish)

The best part about my life right now is that somehow, miraculously (and I do mean to say it is a miracle), I received a gift in the mail.

And not just one gift, but two. Addressed to me, and only me. At my address. It’s a veritable suscription, people.

I can tell you I did not request them. And I can’t tell you why or how I started receiving them. Maybe one of my friends knew they were what I needed? Maybe someone saw the inner diva in me and is slowly trying to pull her to the surface? Or maybe some creepy stalker man thinks I’m hispanic? Or maybe.. Just maybe..  this is a freak accident?

I submit to you…



The whitest subscriber to Latina mag:

3 thoughts on “Este es a Latina (I Don’t Speak Spanish)

  1. According to Google Translate:
    “Yo no hablo español” is how you say “I Don’t Speak Spanish” in Spanish.
    Regarding, “Este es a Latina”, my Ecuadorian stepson wrote when I asked him to translate: “Who wrote that, because it doesn’t make sense grammatically? If it would be ‘This is a Latin woman’ = ‘Esta es una Latina’ which is close enough to ‘Este es a Latina’.”
    If you meant “I am a Latin Woman”, Google has that as “Soy una mujer latina”.
    Google screwed up “Este es a Latina” pretty well, they have it as: “This is America”, but given that it is basically untranslatable, tha may not be so bad.

    You might be surprised how many blond spanish speakers there are. Time to visit South America? And no, I did not send the subscription. You are probably just lucky.

    • Haha. Well, what I was trying to say was “I am a Latina.” And then I put in parentheses (I don’t speak spanish) as a clear reference to show that I knew the grammar was wrong. But thanks for the spanish lesson! I should start brushing up so I am prepared for anything! :)

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