I Ran An Extra Mile Yesterday By Accident

Have I told you that I’m a runner now?

I’m a for-real, bona-fide, cute-outfit-wearing runner now. I can run 7 miles! Before January, I’d never run more than 3 miles in my life. So this is huge.

Not only that, but pretty soon I’ll be running 13.1 miles


[I know!]

The thing is, I’m not just running for my good health. I’m running with a team to support Compassion International. It’s a great organization that works with churches all over the world to help children living in poverty. I love what they do (and love getting letters from the girl I sponsor, Celine).

Would you consider supporting us?

[We are running a heck of a long way, after all.]

To find out more about Compassion or donate to our cause, click here. You’ll get more information about why we’re running – and it’s super easy to give.

Questions? Just ask! I’d love for you to be a part of this.

[And then maybe I’ll write a song about you and it will go something like this:

“Jenny gave to our cause.
She is really, really hot…”

See? That could be you! What more could you want in this life?
Support a great cause and get a song written after you…

Now that’s what I call bi-winning.

2 thoughts on “I Ran An Extra Mile Yesterday By Accident

    • I’m telling you, before I made a half marathon my goal, I never had the desire or need to run any longer than 30 minutes. And I was doing the C25K app too! Set your goal, and you’ll be crazy surprised at what you can do! I know I was…

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