A Re-Post

I was reminded today of a little poem I wrote a few years back, reminded because I cut some chocolate Easter candy with a plastic knife. And I thought, in honor of work and Easter and chocolate and knives, it might be fun to do a little re-post of one of my favorite UAA memories.

[PS, I CANNOT believe this happened over 3 years ago. Wowza!]


I work in an office and I sit at a desk.
It’s a desk full of items and quite a bit of mess.
Sometimes I’ll find little trinkets or toys.
Something inevitably bound to bring joy.
They’ve been in my desk drawers for God knows how long,
Left there by workers who now are long gone.
Take today, case in point, when what did I find?
But a mini swiss army knife, like no other kind.
Enscribed with our logo, I showed Sal with glee.
A little confused she said, “what, here, have we?”
“It’s a swiss army knife, Sal. Are you that naieve?”
But she wasn’t listening, and a plan she did weave.
“I know what we’ll do with this knife,” said she.
“I’ve got an idea; it’s just what we need.”
“Remember that dark chocolate bunny you got?”
“It’s this knife we’ll use when it needs to be cut!”
So I know that this knife is the best kind of gift,
It’s a Swiss CRAZY knife to give our spirits a lift.

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