You Know Where To Find Me

The world is filled with too much noise, I think.

Too many opinions, perceptions, activity – all vying for my attention.
(And there isn’t enough attention in the world for all that.)

I find I’m distracted, (and if I were truly honest, numb) more often than I care to think. Numb in the sense that I spend so much of my energy tuned into what is happening around me, how I’m perceived, what will happen in the future, my expectations, hopes, and disappointments… that it’s incredibly difficult to really stay connected to ‘me’.

To stay connected to RIGHT NOW.

I’ve been considering these words lately, the ones that tell me “You can only live your own life.” And if that’s the case, (which, duh, of course it’s the case), I want to really live this life. So I’m separating myself from the noise a little bit…

And maybe in that, in the settling down and zeroing in, maybe I’ll find I actually have a little more to say.

Took this today on my run by the beach...
(My condolences to all of those who got snow today.)

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